If you want to make your skin better, is there any important secret of Chinese medicine?

One, stay up late

Women’s skin is delicate, rosy, and shiny, thanks in large part to estrogen. In terms of Chinese medicine, good skin depends on the abundance of kidney essence. If you often stay up late, it is especially easy to cause kidney deficiency, especially kidney yin deficiency, endocrine disorders, rough pores, and dark skin.

Therefore, the first secret to good skin is to stay up late.xove Many Chinese feminists stay up all night while putting on a mask and drinking tea, which is actually useless. The harm of staying up late is the internal damage to the whole body, which is difficult to offset by external intervention.

2. Be less angry

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver governs diarrhea, and it is anger in will. Women who are often angry are prone to stagnation of liver qi, impaired qi and blood, resulting in dark skin, long spots, and even gynecological diseases such as breast disease and uterine fibroids.

Therefore, good skin is the second important secret, which is to be less angry, deal with things more tolerantly, and laugh when you encounter unhappy things.

Three, worry less

Love to worry about skin problems is also very bad. xoveWe have to take care of everything at home, and we have to worry about it. It is especially easy to cause bad emotions in the company and affect the mood of students. If things go on like this, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders and affect the skin. Everyone, we can observe that there are two special aspects of worrying people. One is that they can’t get fat, and the other is that they tend to age through their skin.

Therefore, the third important secret of good skin is to learn to be confused, or to be confused, and not to be too serious about people and things. We have to worry about when we are alive. We are very tired when we are alive, and the skin is natural. No more.

Four, Chinese medicine conditioning

TCM beauty is also very effective. In addition to TCM conditioning,xove skincare there are also traditional methods such as acupuncture beauty and TCM facial masks. Today, I recommend two beauty formulas, as follows:

1. Traditional Chinese medicine mask: white peony root, coix seed, atractylodes macrocephala, Baiji, pearl powder, white scorpion, white tiger silkworm, the above seven traditional Chinese medicines are divided into fine powder, and honey or egg white is used to apply the face, which can be used To the effect of whitening and freckle removal.

2. Chinese medicine internal regulation: panax notoginseng, angelica, white peony, lily, the above four herbs are divided into equal parts, and taken with powder and water, it has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, can improve blood stasis, remove spots and beauty.

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